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Delectable Mid-Autumn Celebration

Discover festive joy under the moon with a selection of all-time favourite mooncakes and teas.


Capture the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau with treasured delicacies inspired by the magnificent European-styled Jardim Secreto. Give your celebration an exquisite gourmet uplift with mooncakes featuring premium bird nest and almond custard, or savour the tempting traditional indulgence of double egg yolk and white lotus seed. Embrace the flavours of the holiday with seasonal gift sets that pair mooncakes with tea, perfect for gifting with family and friends.


  • Promotion period: 6 August to 10 September 2022


For enquiries or orders, please call (853) 8881 1320.

Delectable Mid-Autumn Celebration

Grand Lisboa Palace "Secret Garden Under the Moon" Gift Boxes

Relish a classic taste of the season with Secret Garden Under the Moon Assorted Mini Mooncakes Gift Box, or pair savoury flavours with premium tea from Chalou with the Secret Garden Under the Moon Mid-Autumn Gift Box. Enjoy 25% off the standard rates below on advanced purchases from 6 to 17 August and the pick-up date starts from 17 August to 10 September 2022. 


  • Secret Garden Under the Moon Assorted Mini Mooncakes Gift Box – MOP438
  • Secret Garden Under the Moon Mid-Autumn Gift Box – MOP398
Delectable Mid-Autumn Celebration

Palace Garden "Handcrafted Royal Mid-Autumn Gift Box"

Elevate festive flavours to the next level with the Handcrafted Royal Mid-Autumn Gift Box from Palace Garden, featuring premium custard mooncakes and meticulously blended tea. The pick-up date of the gift box starts from 26 August to 10 September 2022.


  • Handcrafted Royal Mid-Autumn Gift Box – MOP688
Delectable Mid-Autumn Celebration
  • Quantities are limited and available while stocks last.

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