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Martial Arts Arena

Join Grand Lisboa Palace Macau for a fun and exciting celebration of China's Wushu martial arts using state-of-the-art technology. Don a VR headset at the Martial Arts Arena and experience traditional Chinese martial arts from a new, 21st century perspective. Inside this virtual realm, you can learn different moves from a Wushu master and try them out with step-by-step instruction and feedback through 3D motion sensors and other interactive devices. Challenge seven levels ranging from basic Kung Fu to wooden dummies and boxing, and gain an all-new appreciation for China's illustrious cultural heritage. Discover Wushu in a special exhibit that showcases the vibrant vibe of Macau, the City of Sports.


For enquiries, please call (853) 8881 0761.



Venue: Level 2, Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Last admission at 7:00 p.m.)




General Admission:

Tickets - 60 mins Price - Monday to Friday Price - Weekend / Public Holidays / Summer Holidays
Standard MOP130 MOP160
SJM Supreme Card cardholders / Macau Resident MOP100 MOP130


*One ticket allows admission for one adult and accompanying child aged 5 to 8.

*Summer Holidays include: 1 July to 31 August 2024


Game Mission

Martial Arts Arena
Station 1 - Fundamental Skills

Begin your virtual martial arts journey under a master's tutelage as you practice basic moves such as the horse stance, elbow striking, fist fighting, stretching exercises and more, laying a solid foundation for your martial arts skills.

Martial Arts Arena
Station 2 - Mei Hua Zhuang

Step right on the plum blossom piles and challenge a virtual Mei Hua Zhuang. This is a great way to strengthen your footwork and hand-eye-foot combination as you improve your speed and balance.

Martial Arts Arena
Martial Arts Arena
Station 3 - Combat Wushu

Enjoy an incredible interactive experience through LiDAR technology, step onto a realistic training ground where you can practice your combat skills in highly realistic interactive experiences.

Martial Arts Arena
Station 4 - Wooden Dummy VR

Enter our VR training ground to practice your hand-to-hand skills and reactions against a wooden dummy. Punch the target while extending your arms to defend yourself while avoiding the fire sparkling on the dummy's arms.

Martial Arts Arena
Martial Arts Arena
Station 5 - Weapons Training

Whether you are skilled with a Chinese war sword or Guandao, it's time to take up a weapon and practise slashing and blocking attacks using our Kinect dynamic sensor. Enjoy the pleasure of dancing with swords.

Martial Arts Arena
Station 6 - Mythical Wushu

Using a Kinect interactive device, learn the endgame moves of mythical Wushu. Shout out the name of each move to show it off. Activate the hidden camera feature to capture all your cool moves and moments!

Martial Arts Arena
Martial Arts Arena
Station 7 - Ultimate Boxing VR

Challenge virtual Wushu artists and showcase all you have learned. Compete to become the leader of the Wushu alliance while having fun with martial arts combat.

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